Lynk is levelling Up

Cash In or Cash Out at any of these NCB iABMs islandwide!

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How it works?
Step 1

  • Open your Lynk App
  • To add money to you Lynk Wallet select Cash In and then select ABM or to withdraw Select Cash Out and then ABM. (This will open the camera in your Lynk app)

Step 2

On the ABM screen select Cardless Cash and then select Lynk.

Three pages showing how to get to Bill Payment screen while on the JAM-DEX home screen.

Step 3

Select Cash In to add money or Cash Out if you are withdrawing money

Step 4

Using your Lynk App, scan the QR Code that comes up on the ABM screen

Lynk scan QR code screen

Step 5

Confirm that the numbers on the ABM screen matches the numbers on your phone

Step 6

You’re now connected to the ABM and can select the amount you want to Cash In or Cash Out

Step 7

  • To complete your Cash In, insert the notes in the deposit slot on the ABM, select continue and collect receipt.
  • For Cash Out, follow the machine’s instructions to complete your transaction.
Magnifying glass highlighting the section where users can find their JAMDEX balance.

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