Lynk your Business

A convenient, safe and quick way to process payments digitally.

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Lynk Your Business

A convenient way to process payments digitally.

Accept digital payments with LynkBiz.

LynkBiz is our web-based merchant platform – providing businesses with the added functionality needed to accept digital payments in-store, on their websites, or remotely via email or any other messaging platform. 


How to sign up.

What you’ll need?

Business registration documents
Tax Registration Certificate OR proof of application
Proof of a bank account
Valid Government photo ID for ALL Directors

Start the Sign Up process below or select More Info to get in touch with a sales representive and learn more about LynkBiz.

Don’t have all the documents listed but want to start using Lynk? Sign up for Lynk by downloading the app today and you can register as micro-merchant here.


Scan to Pay with Lynk.

Let your customers scan your unique QR Code at your locations and see the payments in real-time.

So you can stay up-to-date as you earn with Lynk. 


Easy record keeping.

It’s easy to reconcile your incoming payments, customer refunds and outgoing business transfers all in one platform.


Create staff accounts.

Have several employees? Assign them accounts with varying roles and permissions. Your whole team can be a part of the journey as you make your business more digital! 


Send payment links.

Let your customers pay from anywhere, anytime by sending a payment link. Links can be generated and sent through any messaging platform. 


Cash out to any local bank.

Ready to cash out? You can transfer from your LynkBiz account to any local bank account easily.


eCommerce made easy.

Have a website and need to accept payments? 

Get the Pay With Lynk button and accept digital payments from any Lynk user. 


Benefit from the JAM-DEX business incentive.

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Lynk Your Business

A convenient way to process payments digitally.

A payment solution for businesses of all sizes.

Let your customers Scan to Pay using your unique QR code to easily make digital payments.  

LynkBiz can be used by businesses of all sizes to effectively manage accounts, process payments, and assign various roles and permissions to employees who accept payments on behalf of the business.   Need more information?

Click here and a sales representative would be happy to reach out!


Why LynkBiz?

Take control of your payment management system by going digital with LynkBiz!

Government incentive

Accept JAM-DEX and earn.

Sign up for LynkBiz and earn money for your business through the Government of Jamaica’s Small Business Incentive.  

Starting on April 1, 2023, the first 10,000 businesses that opt in to accept JAM-DEX and accept at least 5 transactions will receive $25,000 in JAM-DEX credited to their business account. 

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What is the Small Business Incentive?

In March 2023, Dr. Nigel Clarke, Minister of Finance, announced a $25,000 incentive for the first 10,000 businesses to sign up to accept JAM-DEX payments and conduct at least five (5) transactions with JAM-DEX, the Bank of Jamaica issued Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

JAM-DEX is the digital version of Jamaica's currency, issued by the BOJ on a one-to-one basis with banknotes and coins. JAM-DEX is stored digitally making it easy for users to send, receive, spend and convert their JAM-DEX. 

The JAMDEX currency is stored in your Lynk wallet in your Lynk Biz account. It can be used at Lynk Biz merchants to collect payments for goods and services.  You can also exchange your JAMDEX currency to Lynk e-money and pay your bills with over 300 billers to choose from, Top Up any phone on any network and transfer to other Lynkies.

Businesses can:


What is my LynkBiz Cash Out limit?


The current Cash Out limit for LynkBiz Merchants is JM$250,000.

Can I make payments to other Lynk accounts from my LynkBiz merchant platform?


Currently, you can only accept payments through your LynkBiz QR code, Pay With Lynk button or by sharing a payment request link directly to your customers. You can also cash out from your LynkBiz account to your linked bank account.

Are there any new features coming up for Lynkbiz?


You'll be the first to know when new features become available. You can also let your assigned LynkBiz account representative know if you're interested in being a part of our test group for upcoming features.

Who do I contact for assistance?


We always appreciate your feedback and are ready to assist with any challenges you may face. If you have any questions, you can contact your assigned LynkBiz account representative or Lynk us at and we'll be in touch.

How do I issue refunds?


With a Merchant account you can refund customers instantly from your account.
Step 1 Open LynkBiz on your device
Step 2 Login using your email address and password
Step 3 Select "Last Transactions" tab on your dashboard Step 4 Click "Refund" button next to the desired transaction
Step 5 Confirm the refund amount and click "Next"
Step 6 Confirm recipient details for refund and insert reason for refund (You also have the option to add notes)
Step 7 Click "Issue Refund" button

Once your customer receives the refund the transaction status will change from "Paid" to "Refunded". (Allow 2-3 days for refund to be processed)