Card Registration

1. Why has link implemented additional/improved card security?

With our commitment to continually protect our customers and provide the best security features, we are always adding enhancements to our security offering to keep you and your funds safe. Our latest improvement sees us including a card registration feature to better protect you from any fraudulent activity.

2. I added my card before Feb 7, 2022, why am I no longer seeing my card in my Lynk wallet?

Our security enhancement upgrades require users to re-add and register their cards to ensure accuracy and confirm your identity

3. How do I re-add my card to my Lynk wallet?

To re-add your card, you will need complete the card registration process to confirm that you are the owner of the card being added to Lynk. This process is done in a few quick steps:

   - Select the card type you wish to connect to Lynk (Credit/Debit) and enter the card information.

   - As an extra security feature, we will charge a small REFUNDABLE amount to your card for confirmation.

   - Check your credit/debit card records to confirm the charge using your online banking platform or contacting your card issuer’s customer care centre.

   - Once the charge is confirmed, return to the app and go to the add credit/debit section to record the amount charged and your card will be added to your Lynk wallet.

5. Is the card registration charge made to my card refundable?

Yes. The random charge is 100% refundable and will be returned after the card registration process is completed.

6. How long will the process of re-adding my card take?

The length of time depends on the time it takes for your bank to receive and apply charges. However, as soon as you confirm the amount charged to your card, the process will be completed instantly.