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Get money from abroad

Need fi tek care a business or pay yuh school fee? Get money from family and friends abroad inna blynk. Collect Western Union and MoneyGram transfers straight to your phone from anywhere in the world in a few quick steps.
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Pay your bills

Bills dem due, but no time to stand in line? Don't fret. Pay them all with Lynk, with over 300 billers, from light to water and even insurance and loans. We’ve got you covered! Pay anytime from anywhere with Lynk.
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Get mobile credit and data plans

Top up from anywhere on yuh phone wid Lynk! Receive instant credit or plans for FLOW & Digicel when you top up directly from with Lynk. The Lynk allows you to top up from anywhere at any time.
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Biometric Security

We use facial recognition to authenticate your identity and keep your money safe.

Send Money 24/7

Each transaction is secured, and your payment information is protected, so no one can make transactions using your Lynk account without your authorisation.

6-Digit PIN Validation

Your account is protected by a unique, 6-digit personal identification number for an added layer of security when logging in or out of your account.

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Pay wid Lynk for the most convenient shopping experience.

Lynk with businesses that accept Lynk so you never have to worry about grabbing cash before going out. Plus you can get occasional promotional deals when you pay with Lynk.

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