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Lynk is the fast and easy way to safely send and receive money on your smartphone.
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Why Lynk?


With Lynk’s cutting edge encryption, multi-factor authentication and latest fraud prevention technology, we make sure your data and money are always safe.


Whether you’re sending or receiving cash, your money always gets there instantly with Lynk.


Need cash? Lynk is like having a bank in your back pocket but it never closes and there aren’t
any lines.

A phone connected by an arrow to an ABM machine illustration.


No cards or bank account? No problem. Cash in or out at any smart NCB ABM across the island

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Getting Started


Download Lynk to your smartphone.


Verify your identity with your Driver’s License, Passport, or National ID.


Connect your bank and deposit your money into your Lynk account.


Send and receive money with Lynk!

Home screen and verification screen within the Lynk app.

Cash In. Cash Out.

Topping up your account or making a withdrawal? Lynk has you covered.

  • Lynk users can send and receive money to each other in instantly.
  • Enjoy more ways to cash in and cash out using your NCB account, any debit or credit card and at NCB iABMs.
  • No bank account, no problem!  Now you can access the ABM without the use of a debit card to retrieve physical cash from your Lynk wallet!
  • Lynk is free to download, there are no transfer fees and you don’t need wifi or data to use it.
  • Don't have a card or bank account just cash in or out using the NCB iABM. Learn More
Cash In screen within the Lynk app

Safe and Sound.

Stop worrying about carrying large wads of money around town. And say goodbye to that overstuffed wallet in your back pocket. With Lynk you’ll always have cash on hand without the worries or inconvenience of real cash. Just unlock the app with your passcode, FaceID or finger scanner to access your money when you need it.

Lynk ui screens showing how two sign up screens look.

Send. Scan. Request.

Lynk makes sending, receiving and requesting money a breeze. Once you’re set up, you’re ready to transfer money across the island right from the palm of your hand. Plus when you request money you don’t need to exchange bank account information. Just add friends by username or scan their QR code and you’re all set.

Send screen within the Lynk app

Top Up from Anywhere.

Lynk is making it easier than ever to top up your mobile phone! Just type in a phone number to buy credit instantly with your Lynk wallet. No credit or debit card necessary! Don’t have data? No problem. The Lynk app allows you to top up from anywhere, any time.

Two Mobile screens showing how the Top Up feature would look in the Lynk app.

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