Lynk's cash in and out feature allows you to add money to your Lynk wallet or withdraw money from your Lynk wallet in a few different ways.
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Move money to your bank account anytime!

Ready to cash out money in Lynk wallet to your bank account? You have the freedom to move your money any time of day.
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Need Cash now? We give you many ways to access your money. Use the Lynk app to withdraw cash from your Lynk wallet as you please.


Send money to friends and family free of cost using Lynk. Feel the freedom to use your
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Send & Receive Money Islandwide

You can cash money in or out via the iABMs machine by adding or removing money from your Lynk account. Money is sent and received from user to user IN LYNK instantly.

Lynk & JAM-DEX

JAM-DEX is the digital version of Jamaica's currency, issued by the BOJ on a one-to-one basis with banknotes and coins. JAM-DEX is stored digitally, making it easy for users to send, receive, spend and convert their JAM-DEX.

It can be used at Lynk Biz merchants to collect payments for goods and services.  You can exchange your JAMDEX currency for Lynk e-money and pay your bills with over 300 billers. Top Up any phone on any network and transfer to other Lynkies.

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If you are looking for a centralised and simple way to pay bills, Lynk Bill Payment is for you.
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